37 house mouse

my dad and i were watching mice today. they probably eat our house, and i only took photos and didn’t kill them.. anyways, here are some photos:


today i’m exactly 20 yrs of age. it’s kinda weird. but it’s nice too..


love truth .

love truthfully .

35: breakthrough

i have this devotional that i’m reading. and one day it said: “how did god pull you to himself? write out your own story as an act of praise” also when there’s a new intake in college they talk about sharing your story and how god saved you and so on. since i have been a christian as long as i can remember it is kinda hard to write about a before and after christ.. so when i read this i didn’t know what to write. then i remembered something; i have this thing that i remember feelings, when i think of a certain memory i also know how whatever happened made me feel. what’s the point? getting there.. in 2006 i suffered from a depression and the best way i can describe it is that it feels like drowning in the middle of the night. there is no storm, but still you can’t keep your head above the water. and you struggle&try, but everything is just so so hard. and it’s black. that is the worst of all. because you don’t know which way is up and which way is down.. it’s pitch black and you can’t even see your own breath in front of you. (you would be able to see it in daylight because it is also cold, but you don’t really notice because you can’t breathe..) so this is my breakthrough. this is my before&after. this is my story.

the darkness caved in on me. the pressure was even physical. why didn’t i break in half? that was all because of you. and even though i couldn’t see, you held your hand of protection over me. it was so dark but you gave me courage to reach out, to keep going, guided by the light inside of me: you. you are the only reason why i didn’t drown. just when i thought that my last hour had come; my lungs were about to explode.. it was just then that i broke the surface. my breakthrough designed by you. but i need you more than the air. i need you. need you. you.

jesus, the saviour, saved me. he did it for me and he can do it for you. and after is definitely so so much better.

34: all?

one of the things i absolutely love about god is that it is all or nothing. it is not like a computer game where you pause for then to come back and finish later. because with god you can never be finished. he is too great for us ever to fully understand him; we just give it our best shot, and what we do understand of his goodness&love we try to tell the world. it is the same with god’s word: the depths of it ❤ though i’ve read a passage 127 times, the 128th time i read it the holy spirit shows me something new. i just love it. so this is my declaration: i give my all. i will not treat my god as a computer game..

33: wow.

i just realised that i haven’t blogged in like .. 3 months! its insane how fast the time goes by here! well, what’s interesting nowadays is that its too hot too sleep in the evening, and when we get a decent temperature 3 o’clock in the morning you don’t want to sleep, but stay up and enjoy it.. oh my word, its so hot here during summer! i totally get why they have holidays from december to february. i don’t do much during my vacation: i’ve been searching for a job, i watch movies, do scrapbooking, occasionally i read. it feels empty without school. i should have a car so i could go to the beach every day! but this week i’m going with my friend to planetshakers’ night rallies. it’s gonna be good (:

32: deep..

i just read ciwi’s blog and was inspired to write some of what has happened inside of me since i left norway. i don’t think i’ll mention any dreams, because they freak me out and even i don’t believe them, so i really can’t expect anyone else to either..

a couple of weeks ago the church (hillsong, for those who don’t know) did a seminar on “theology of worship” @ worship & creative arts night. i just received this revelation of how great god is. what he is, is not according to what i think of him. i know, it’s basic and i also knew it before but i, in some sense, got a deeper understanding of it. anyways, i wrote it all down in a poem/song kinda thing, like i usually do..: (it’s a poem @ the moment ’cause i can’t figure out a melody.. and oh, it’s not done, it’s just the best way i know how to express it at the moment)

holy, holy, holy is the lord god almighty
who was, who is and who is to come
who is hope, who is light
your whole being is love

i praise you with this language made by man
knowing these word don’t do you justice
so i stand here in awestruck wonder
speechless when facing the great ‘i am’

you are god beyond my worship
you are still god when my song fade away
jesus, you are king with or without me
jesus christ, you are

so i lay down myself for this greater cause
to be you in a world desperate for hope
to shine a light in dark places, be the sinners’ friend
as i stand on the promise that you’ll always be with me

it’s kinda weird, because they don’t feel like my words. but i like it that way: without god there, without him being who he is, there wouldn’t be any song (nor me for that matter).

i love you god.

31: manly beach

yep, yesterday pk, harald and i went to manly to try out this surfing thing. it went pretty much as i predicted: i didn’t manage to actually stand on the board. but still it was so much fun! right now i’m googling “how to surf”, so that hopefully next time i’ll get it.. and oh, i had this trip under water that caused me to swallow a whole bucket load of very very salt water: i was sick for hours. anyways, i’m trying again next monday. seriously, i can’t wait!  good night people (if anyone still reads this blog). love you heaps ❤

30: surfing

today i bought a surf board, which is kinda interesting considering i can’t surf. that won’t last long though.. :p anyways, i’m gonna miss snowboarding like crazy when december comes, so i’m gonna learn how to surf. i can’t wait. genuine moment of excitement right there.. tomorrow is kidsfest, it’s gonna be awesome. you’re loved.

29: spring

hey everyone. my update skills are poor, i know.. anyways, last sunday was officially the last day of winter; so i guess now it’s spring. that’s funny because today i sunbaked for more than an hour at our roof.. compared to back home, that would be like lying half-naked outside in january! tongiht i’m going to powerhouse, which is gonna be great, and tomorrow is big exo day 😀

and oh, i found this hilarious thingy @ facebook:

You Know You’re Norwegian When..
You assume that a stranger on the street who smiles at or greets you is:
a) drunk.
b) insane.
c) an American.
d) All of the above.
You can prepare fish in five different ways without cooking it.
You don’t question the habit of always preparing a “matpakke” (sandwich in paper).
You have two cars, a cabin and a boat, if not more.
You think there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.
It feels natural to wear sport clothes and backpack everywhere, including the cinema, bowling alley, and to church.
You are think it’s weird if a house isn’t wooden.
You know at least five different words for describing different textures of snow.
You don’t fall when walking on ice.
You earn more than you spend.
You associate Easter with cross-country skiing with friends and family in the familys mountain cabin.
You are shocked if it’s not 2 months of snow every year, at least!
You can see mountains and the ocean, no matter where you are.
You can’t understand why foreigners haven’t heard about Bjørn Dæhlie.

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